Casio F-91W: Now for mobile

The Casio F-91W is a watch manufactured by the Casio computer Company that part of the F series of digital watches. The most impressive aspect of this watch is it’s still one of the most widely purchased Casio watches on the market and its design has not changed in almost 20 years. The look of this watch is still relatively simple and retro, it’s known for being unpretentious, clean, extremely reliable and beautiful.

The device has some fairly simple specifications including a hour stopwatch, laptime, automatic calendar, daily alarm and a LED backlight. The strap design as well as the overall toughness of this product are fantastic.

What is so legendary about the Casio F-91W

The reason that this watch has become so legendary is because of its extremely light weight design as well as its extensive reliability. It’s perfect for use in the water and it’s known as being one of the most durable digital watches on the market. Even the battery in this device lasts around 10 years. Many of the original models from 1991 still continue to function perfectly and there are a large number of people worldwide that even go about the process of modifying these watches so that they can create some truly unique looks for them away from the initial design.

As a heavily prized and modded watch, it’s not that expensive to own one of these beautiful Casio’s. They have a few variance but they still remain extremely in demand just for use as an everyday carry watch. In some cases they are even distributed as some of the most reliable watches for people of all ages.

You could have one of these watches in your pocket right now

Through the use of the legendary Casio F-91W application you can have access to this timekeeping device on your mobile phone immediately. With all of the same features as the original watch, you can have this look as your home screen widget with a full lock screen watch as well as the functional side push buttons that can be used throughout the application. It’s almost like getting your hands on this extremely prestigious symbol of reliability without having to order one special.

This could be the perfect application for anyone that is an avid watch collector, for someone that’s always wanted one of these Casio’s or for somebody that’s looking for a unique homepage watch that they can use with their phone. The homepage widget can be especially helpful especially with the alarms, stopwatch, backlight and calendar functions which are all available in one convenient location. The alarm feature is also quite handy to set when it is on the homepage.

The same authenticity

With all of the sounds recorded directly from the watch you can get the same authentic chimes, colors and more that you would have with this timepiece. The hourly chime signal can be turned on and off and you can set up the watch and alarm to work just as they do on the watch. The side push buttons come with the full version of the watch application and this is one of the best ways that you can operate the watch using the same controls that you would in person.

Through the authentic look which is designed with high resolution images of the watch and the original recorded sound effects from the watch, you can truly feel as though the Casio F-91W is sitting in your pocket for access at any time.

Installing the Casio F-91W application is quite simple on your smart phone

To begin, you just need to click the button below. From there you can get started with the process of installing the application and launching it when it has been fully installed.

When the app is installed you can set up some of the home screen functions and change options throughout the widgets drawer. Tapping and dragging the widget to any open space will make sure that the watch can go live on the screen of your device. By editing some of your options for chimes, display and more, you can set up the way that the watch will look on the open space throughout your phone.

With the full version of the watch unlock you will also get access to the touchscreen controls on the side buttons of the watch app and the full suite of features that you would normally be able to have with the watch if you were using it in person. The full upgrade with this application will make sure that you can always have access to the watch and its full features.

Final verdict

The best part is that the price of the full application is really just a few dollars and the price of the watch especially from a collector could run you an extensive amount of money.

Just like the original Casio F-91W this application is built to last. It is made with accuracy to deliver a display that is simple to read and very easy to control. Whether you are a fan of this watch or you have always wanted to be an owner of one of these incredible watches, this is an application that you can download today to completely customize your smart phone, tablet or mobile device.

Why use one of the outdated style calendar apps or time apps on your mobile device when you could be using a real legendary watch to display the time. See what it’s like to own the Casio F-91W today with the help of this incredible watch widget application. It installs in just minutes and you can have the same experience that you would with the watch on any mobile device!